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Reflectoshield is South Africa's first original ceramic based thermal and asbestos encapsulating coating. The application possibilities of Reflectoshield are endless because of its amazing space age insulation properties.

Due to its super effective radiant heat properties, Reflectoshield is without doubt today's most revolutionary coating product in the world.

Ceratech's Reflectoshield is the original advanced liquid thermal heat barrier coating and a proven asbestos fibre encapsulator. The product is based on American space age technology originally developed by NASA. Reflectoshield is manufactured in Pinetown and is proudly South African.


Indoor temperatures and air conditioning

running costs are dramatically reduced


Reflectoshield is suitable for both metal and non-metal surfaces. The product has several advantages, namely


* Reduces internal building temperatures dramatically, allowing employees comfortable working conditions
* Lower ambient temperatures lead to huge electricity savings on running air conditioners
* Contains the release of asbestos roof fibres produced by the sun, wind and rain, thus protecting the environment
* Reduces UV heat penetration by up to 96%
* Eliminates up to 80% of thermal shock
* Excellent adhesion to old and new surfaces
* Extends the life expectancy of the coated substrate
* High flexibility index and impact resistant
* Fire retardant properties


Reflectoshield is applied by professional trained staff who are experienced in the handling and disposal of asbestos fibres whilst cleaning the roof. All waste is professionally removed and disposed of as per the Asbestos Regulations Act.


Ceratech Coatings KZN (Pty) Ltd has been applying Reflectoshield as an asbestos encapsulator and heat barrier coating since 1997.




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